USA ZIP code Search by State

US ZIP codes are a type of ZIP code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. The additional 4 digits ZIP code or ZIP +4 codes help USPS more exactly group mail for delivery.

USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others build ZIP codes for categorizing packages and calculating the time and price of shipping package it means shipping rate.

NOTE: Select one of the state from the list below to get complete list of counties, cities, ZIP codes, etc. You can also filter the results by using the search box for city and counties. To know the Location of city on the map click the show on map button.

What is ZIP Code Plus 4?

Most of us know what is a ZIP code, it is five digits number and it was introduced in 1963. Through Zipping code, one can identify the current location. ZIP code plus 4 is the extended form of Zipcode. It uses the five digits code plus an additional four digits to identify the block or city, or an apartment, etc. With the use of ZIP-plus 4 delivery becomes easier.

To know your ZIP code type what is my ZIP code in the ZIP code finder tool. One clicks and knows your ZIP code. So, what are the benefits of using ZIP plus 4? When you are sending a large number of documents to choose ZIP plus 4, rather than a normal ZIP code. It will save your money. You need to put the ZIP plus 4 code which is verified. If you are new in town and want to know what is my location, what is my postcode? All you will get from the ZIP code locator tool.

This tool will help you to know what is my Postcode too. As per USPS, using ZIP plus 4 is not mandatory but you can use it to reduce the delivery time and money both.

What is 5 Digits ZIP Code?

The ZIP code is used by the USPS i.e. United State Postal Service. In 1963 ZIP Code was introduced to the country for the first time. ZIP is the abbreviation of Zonal Improvement plan. Through a ZIP code, one can identify my location now. The database needs to be continuously updated with the latest ZIP codes which are defined by USPS, ZIP codes which are 5-digit codes represent a particular city and if the ZIP code is expired then the database needs to be updated as per that.

There can be multiple instances of a ZIP code if USPS has assigned the same US ZIP code to multiple cities. For counties, we have FIPS codes, which are again 5-digit codes. ZIP code USA are unique in nature and assigned by the government of the United States of America. With the FIPS code, it is the best chance to identify a specific county in government databases.

Whats my location can be identified through ZIP code. Know your ZIP code and area code from the ZIP and area code lookup the locator. A full ZIP code can be 5 digits, 6 digits or 9 digits. Depend on the location. Use the ZIP code lookup and find your area’s ZIP code.

What is 9 Digit ZIP Code?

With the use of 9 digit ZIP code, you can send emails more accurately and efficiently with less turnaround time. Write down the address and put the 9 digit ZIP code. This ZIP code identifies a particular delivery path. The ZIP code is an essential part of delivery. An area can be located very easily if you have the ZIP code.

US Govt introduced the Zonal Code Plan for the first time. In the year 1963, find ZIP code with the use of ZIP locator. USA ZIP code help to divide the zone according to the code. It became easier to find your exact location. If you want to send a mail to the USA, write down the USA ZIP code. With the use of ZIP code sorting and delivery become fast and easy.

If you are new to the area and want to know whats my ZIP code or what is my postal code, open a ZIP code finder in your mobile and place the name of your location. what is a postal code? The ZIP code is also known as Postal Code. In India, people use the Postal code to know what is my Address and what's my location or both can be identified through Postal code.